At League Park, we strive to live by these core values in everything we do, every day.


  • Working together in a coordinated and orderly system towards a common goal
  • Exhibiting an optimistic, success-oriented, collegial, positive, fun, winning attitude
  • Respecting the importance of roles played by our clients and other team members


  • Approaching our work in an ethical, authentic, and intellectually honest manner
  • Keeping promises to our clients, our team members, and ourselves
  • Having the courage to do the right thing in difficult circumstances


  • Solving problems by employing a fresh approach to each unique situation
  • Keeping an open mind and carefully considering the creative ideas of others
  • Seeing new possibilities by maintaining a thoughtful and smart mindset at all times


  • Realizing that we are here to serve others in everything we do
  • Focusing on successful outcomes for our clients, our team, and our community
  • Seeking to add value in every situation by growing the pie, not just slicing it up


  • Demonstrating a high level of competence with world-class results
  • Paying attention to every detail, no matter how seemingly small
  • Maintaining a relentless, resilient, dignified, hard-working and no-excuse attitude

​​​Solutions Oriented Investment Banking